Can a coach help me when I have a setback in life or work?

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Can a coach help me when I have a setback in life or work?

Yes!  Often when we have a setback, it is easy to get stuck.  We focus on the problem, the unfairness, fears, challenges.  When you work with a coach who has their coaching certification, you will be empowered to focus on what you do want, what you want to change, how you want to move forward, and what process works for your unique situation.

If a setback has negatively impacted your confidence, get a coach!  During coach training, coaches learn how to empower you to rebuild your confidence.

If a setback means learning or relearning skills, get a coach!  A coach is your ally to apply what you do know, discover what you do not know, and follow through on your own skill development.

If a setback results in confused priorities, get a coach!  A Certified Professional Coach has the tools to explore what is meaningful, influencing factors, and competing priorities.  A coach has a process to put you in charge of defining and choosing your priorities and then develop strategies to move forward.

If a setback means changing direction in your life, get a coach! Coaches who have completed their coaching certification know how to empower you to discover new directions, new meaning, and to develop the motivation for proactively creating what you want in life or at work.

A coach is your best strategic partner to manage what is happening and to move forward.

* Originally posted on #CenterforCoachingCertification by #CathyLiska.