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Coach-123 makes engaging external coaches easy so you can focus on growth, development, and opportunities.

Find a Coach in Three Easy Steps

Coach-123 Process

Coach-123’s three-step process ensures that each client works with a coach matched to their objectives and goals.
Coach-123 Step 1, Determine Goals

1. Determine Goals

Description for determining goals
Coach-123 Step 2, Interview Coaches

2. Interview Coaches

Description for interviewing coaches
Coach-123 Step 3, Choose and Engage

3. Choose and Engage

Description for choosing and engaging

“The greatest indicator of success in coaching is the rapport between the coach and the client.”


Connection Executives work with you to:

1. Establish your objectives
2. Clarify desired coach expertise
3. Interview three coaches and choose

600% average return on the cost of coaching.

MetrixGlobal LLC found coaching produced a 529% ROI, and the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%. Fortune Magazine notes a 600% average return on the cost of coaching.

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