Getting Involved for Diversity and Increased Access

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Getting Involved for Diversity and Increased Access

On an organizational level, what can be done to increase diversity and access to coaching?

As an example, Vanderbilt wrote about what they are doing and included suggestions helpful to all of us at

An article at discusses how employees can support diversity and inclusion. While this speaks to employees, the tips are helpful for small businesses as well.

SHRM offers these 6 specific steps in this article:

Now let’s bring it closer: what can coaches do to get involved?  Bring it up in LinkedIn discussions.  Join the ICF and ask about initiatives and opportunities.  Blog and present on the topic.

What can coach training organizations do? Join ACTO – the Association of Coach Training Organizations.  ACTO is taking the initiative to engage others in the conversation as well as acting to increase diversity and inclusion.  Specifically, the 2019 ACTO conference focuses on diversity and inclusion. ACTO is updating the Code of Ethics to ensure the language serves diversity and inclusion/regard.  ACTO is actively exploring offering scholarships to individuals for coach training to increase access.

At CCC, we looked at our involvement.  In addition to serving on the ACTO Ethics Committee last year, this year I am the Chair.  Our committee is reviewing the Code of Ethics with an eye to diversity and inclusion/regard.  We invited input from outside people as well as our committee.  The committee is preparing and making recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors.  Additionally, I am again on the ACTO Conference Committee and the conference we are planning is, “The Human Tapestry: Challenge.  Illuminate.  Celebrate.”  The conference title is wonderful and makes a statement to all of us: challenge our thinking, illuminate realities and opportunities, and celebrate the human tapestry.  Learn about the conference here.

Think about ways you and/or your organization can get involved to promote diversity and increase access to coaching.

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