How do you choose a coach training program?

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How do you choose a coach training program?

How do you choose a coach training program?

Because there are so many options, choosing the right coach training course for you is important! Start by brainstorming what you want from a training program.

* What skills do you want to develop or enhance for coaching?
* What tools would benefit your work as a coach?
* Is learning ethics and discussing ethical dilemmas valuable?
* What techniques do you want to develop?

Then start your research on the different programs. Look at the program overviews of the certification programs and review what is covered. During this process, go back to your original brainstorm list and add to it! Develop a list of programs and check what they offer based on what you want from a course.

Consider the level of the instruction – does the information start at a basic or more advanced level? Which is best for you?

As you narrow your list of programs based on what you want and what they offer, list also the cost of each program and the length of time necessary for completion. What works with your timeline and your budget? Investigate recommendations or testimonials.

What is the quality control of each training program? For example, the Center for Coaching Certification is accredited by ANSI / IACET and offers CEUs for training hours.

Many professionals attend coaching certification because they want to enhance their skills sets in the work place. Others attend for personal development. For those planning to offer coaching services, training is an excellent foundation for getting started effectively and efficiently.

What are your questions about the options?

* Originally posted on #CenterforCoachingCertification by #CathyLiska.