Results through Powerful Goal Setting

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Results through Powerful Goal Setting

In this blog series key concepts from coach training on powerful goal setting for results provide an amazing process to achieve success:

  • Explore what you really want by moving past imposed limitations and thinking like a child – dream big and list gigantic goals you want to reflect back on having achieved years from now.

  • Discover your opportunities, list your resources, and describe your ideal outcome.

  • Analyze your process, barriers, and focus.

  • List your goals on a timeline, develop a checklist, and define your action steps.

  • Strategize your journey from beginning to end with commitment, and celebrate success

The series is the full guide – and the quick reference guide is:

G = Gigantic dreams

O = Opportunities ‘to do’ it

A = Analyzed process

L = Listed steps

S = Strategized effort

Now please allow me to ask: Are you using and applying this information?

If yes – excellent!  Please pay forward the benefit by sharing in a comment here or via email: What have you learned from this series?  How has it benefitted you?  Share your stories here or send us an email – whether a coach reviewing the concepts from the coach training program or as an individual applying these ideas in your life.

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