About the Science of Positivity Class

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About the Science of Positivity Class

by Juanita Bulloch

Science of Positivity is a continuing education class offered by Center for Coaching Certification that I recently attended.  My experience is that there is a lot of information available on positivity mostly emphasizing word use and affirmations, both of which I use and find helpful.

To really get noticeable and sustainable effects, the science behind positivity must be acknowledged and applied in words, thoughts, and actions.  Seeing the science of positivity as a holistic approach supports/allows us to be whole, in integrity, not living as a Pollyanna, but instead as someone who acknowledges the dark days and challenges AND uses the science of positivity tools to move to a higher frequency more easily.

It really is about changing our habits, our default programming, or our subconscious behaviors.  To change a habit requires conscious choices for words, thoughts, and actions, using conscious mind until our new way of being becomes our subconscious or default program.

The biggest awareness for me is that whatever I desire to change has to become a part of my physical body and its actions, be that chemical or movement.  What comes first, I don’t know.  Is it the smile on my face that triggers different words to come out of my mouth that causes me to see the world as beautiful that then inspires me to take action to become healthier and engage with other like-minded positive humans or the converse of that scenario?  I do know the process is not linear.  Science now gives us the technology to measure and track our responses and positivity levels.  What’s that saying in business?  What gets measured gets done!

* Originally posted on #CenterforCoachingCertification by #CathyLiska.