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Business Coaching

Business coaching focuses on individuals who own or operate small businesses.  Often there are components of training and consulting along with the coaching.  How do different coaches best serve the clients?  Coaches often start by tapping their own experiences to develop a process for clients using their services.  This may include training, consulting, and coaching.  Clients select a coach based in part on who seems to best fit their areas of focus.

When the business coaching is for the purpose of business growth, a coach with offerings that include marketing and managing expansion makes sense.  If the business is stable and considering long-term sustainability, then a coach that provides experience with sustainability and succession planning is more likely a good fit.  Alternatively, if a business is struggling with concerns around customer service or employee management, then a different coaching focus is developed.

When engaging in a business coaching relationship, have a conversation around areas of interest and the focus.  As a client, explore the training and experience of the coach.  As a coach, develop options for the coaching process.  Together, discuss the blend of training, consulting, and coaching that will best service the client.  Define who plays which role and when as you develop the relationship and partner for the success of the client.

* Originally posted on #CenterforCoachingCertification by #CathyLiska.