Coaching – What is it?

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching – What is it?

Coaching is Advanced Development for Advanced Results and requires advanced coach training to be effective.

Common misunderstandings of coaching are still prevalent and unfortunately result in misleading people who want to be a coach and people who want the benefits of coaching.

Many professionals provide expertise through training, consulting, mentoring programs, presentations, talk shows, publications, and more.  This offering of information is great, and it is very different from coaching.

Coaching focuses on empowering individuals to explore, consider, discover, choose, plan, and act to create meaningful change.

While other professionals are hired to assess, analyze, inform, and recommend, coaches are hired to get results by putting individuals in charge of their own outcomes.

Think about it this way: How many times have you given people really great advice only to learn later that they failed to use it?  Alternatively, how many times have you been given great advice from someone you love and trust and in turn fail to follow it?

When the ideas come from someone else there is a lack of buy-in and ownership.  When we figure out things for ourselves and make choices or decisions, we buy-in and own the ideas so we take action.

What professional service provider offers services without training?  Consultants and mentors do because of their experience.  When people call themselves a coach without having completed coaching certification, chances are what they do is consult and mentor.  When people want to coach, it simply makes sense that they seek the appropriate training to ensure the coaching process is effective.