Benefits of a Recovery Coach

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Benefits of a Recovery Coach

When most people think of a coach, thoughts of football, baseball and basketball coaches will often come to mind. While these men and women are playing an essential role in many people’s lives, coaches go far beyond sports. Coaching now includes goal setting, strategizing, planning, being, and doing.   Coaches help one excel in the workplace and in life. Coaching is a learning process built on focus and commitment.

A recovery coach or someone who helps you achieve daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals is a great tool to have at your disposal. They will help you tap into creativity, take action, increase reliability, help you commit, establish principles, see results, and achieve goals. Beyond these amazing things, there are even more benefits to having a recovery coach.

A Recovery Coach Sees Your True Potential

A good recovery coach will help you evaluate where you currently are and where you can be with dedication and hard work. Getting off drugs and/or alcohol is hard, staying off them can be easier with a coach. A coach will not judge weakness or shortcomings, instead they help tap into strengths and become the best that you can be. A lack of confidence fueled by the fear of failing can be pushed to the wayside when working with a good coach. Your recovery coach will help you find out what unnecessary fears exist and help you overcome them. This will lead to a new-found confidence that fuels success. Your new future will be easier to see, making it far easier to obtain.

* Originally posted on #CenterforCoachingCertification by #CathyLiska.