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Whole Person Coaching

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Whole person coaching means that the coach takes time with the client to fully explore what they want in all areas of their life.  Even when the focus of the coaching is on business, executive leadership, or career, this makes sense because the client is an individual and all areas of their life come to work with them.  After exploring goals in all areas of their life in a coaching session, future sessions are often focused on the business, executive leadership, or career.  Then, when something from their life is impacting them, the client is comfortable discussing it because of the whole person coaching process.

In whole person coaching, an initial coaching session that lasts 90 minutes is scheduled.  The Certified Professional Coach asks the client about what they want in all areas of their life.  The client experiences the time and space to consider what they want personally, in their relationships, in their career, financially, in terms of their health, and for their lifestyle.  The coach listens, probes, and clarifies.  The experience is amazing for the client in that they really think about what they want in all areas, and they say it out loud which creates a new level of awareness and focus.

During this coaching session, the Certified Professional Coach is focused completely on the client.  It is the coach’s responsibility to recognize the client’s personality in the moment.  This is essential because we all have different sides of our personality at different times, so by recognizing it in the moment the coach is effective in adjusting to the client.  The coach is also aware of client language patterns because questions are formulated based both on what the client says and how they say it.

After this full exploration, the next step in the coaching process is providing a tool so that the client maintains their focus and creates the habits they want to support the goals they choose.

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