How can a coach help with balance?

Benefits of Coaching

How can a coach help with balance?

First, what is balance?

People experience balance differently.  It is generally discussed as a ratio of work, fitness, personal care, and family time. Sometimes there is the idea that balance is an evenly weighted scale and then they think that a balance between work and life is impossible.  Others recognize balance as a ratio that works based on their individual preferences, lifestyle, and commitments.

How can a coach help with balance?

Coaching provides a process for exploring and defining balance, making choices, creating strategies, and implementing plans.  Creating balance will include awareness of influencing factors, personal emotions, opportunities, potential barriers, and how to create the desired outcome.

How is working with a coach any different than figuring it out on my own?

Often, especially when a sense of balance is the objective, one of the biggest hurdles to jump is the time to think and the ability to go deep into thoughts, feelings, and ideas. While most of us are capable, chances are we simply get caught up in other things and time flies by.  Working with a coach means having a partner that creates the space – the time and opportunity – and asks questions, challenging you to find your answers.

How do I find a coach to help with balance?

Consider what is important to you for talking with someone about things that are personal – the number one indicator of success is the rapport between the coach and the coachee. How do you find that?  First, a coach who has coaching certification and is a member of the International Coach Federation cares about their professional development (enhancing their coaching competencies) and is accountable to the Code of Ethics.  Next, plan on and even ask for an introductory session so you experience how they work as a coach plus get to know each other and decide if you are a good match.  With those two criteria in mind, a good starting point is

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